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Is Your City Not on Our Map?

Are you in an area that could use Last Call to spice up the nightlife? Do you thrive on being part of a creative and dynamic team? Are you ambitious? Hard-working? Well then, GROW WITH US!

Last Call is the country's eminent live entertainment company. We are headed towards your neck of the woods and are looking for the best and brightest all over the country to share in the joy of bringing entertainment to thousands of people every day.

We are always expanding and hiring in new parts of the country, and we now offer a franchising option for all you savvy entrepreneurs.

Why Last Call is Different

There is an art to putting together a Last Call show, which is why a college student with a board game cannot do what we do. Our high level of experience in the industry has taught us the keys to ensuring that every participant leaves with a positive experience, whether he/she came in first place or last place.

Our Keys to Success:

1. Providing an entertaining host who interacts with all patrons.
2. Organizing trivia questions based on the perfect variety of topics and difficulty levels, as to give every team a fair shot at competing.
3. Scoring questions/rounds properly. This promotes an increased level of strategy and prevents large gaps in scores between teams.
4. Adding bonus rounds, which helps differentiate point totals between competitive teams and gives teams the chance to win back missed points.

Not only does Last Call provide our clients' regular crowd with something else to be a part of, but we attract new business and ensure that everyone has a great time, which means that they'll come back over and over again. We give our clients the ability to identify themselves as an innovator in their local industry, as well as an establishment that cares about the customer.

We produce the best shows and work with the best entertainers, which is why our award-winning products are so successful. Simply put, we have the experience, infrastructure, and support to let you hit the ground running with your own business.

If you believe in what we do and are ready to take control of your future, then contact us.