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Congratulations to all of the Trivia teams who participated in the 2017 Summer League! See the league champions at the bottom of this page and pictures of all the winners on Facebook here.

Enrollment for the 2017 League Season is still open.
You only need to enroll your team once for each calendar year. Use the same 4 digit league number for the Winter, Summer and Fall leagues.

Enroll Now.

If you have additional questions, check out our or email us at

Important Dates for the Fall League:
08/20/2017 – First Day to Record Scores
11/11/2017 – Last Day to Record Scores
12/02/2017 – City Tournament Semifinals
12/09/2017 – City Tournament Finals

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Rules for the Last Call Trivia League

Each league is 12 weeks long and you can jump in at any time. Teams must play at least 6 Last Call Trivia games to qualify. Teams are encouraged to play more often to increase their ranking. We will use the sum of your best 6 scores to rank your team. The highest ranking teams will be invited to city tournaments.

Quick Points:
1. It is always free to play. Please patronize the bar or restaurant where you are enjoying the game.
2. Up to 6 players are allowed to play on a team. This is strictly enforced at our tournaments, but during regular weekly play, hosts are given license to allow up to 8 players.
3. You will receive a 4-digit number via email to use at Last Call Trivia shows so that your league scores can be recorded.

If you have additional questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or, you’re more than welcome to email

Summer Trivia League Tournaments

Semi Finals
Saturday, December 2, 2017
Time and Location TBA

City Tournament Finals
Saturday, December 9, 2017
Time and Location TBA

Cash Prize Pool: $2,580 + raffle drawing prizes

Registration starts 30 minutes before game time, at 11:30 a.m.

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Introducing Ludimentis

Here at Last Call Trivia, plans have been in the works for an annual national trivia tournament for a long time now; an event destined to become the premiere trivia event in America each and every year! We are very excited to announce the arrival of the first annual national trivia tournament, Ludimentis (our version of the Latin phrase "game of the mind").

Throughout each calendar year, during our three seasonal leagues (Winter, Summer, and Fall), teams from all over the Last Call Nation will compete for bids to Ludimentis, which will be held each year in Cincinnati in late April. Each team can only receive one bid, so bids will be offered to lower placing teams in the Finals if higher placing teams have already secured bids.

Upcoming Leagues

Winter 2018 // December 24 - March 17
Semi Finals: 4/7
Finals: 4/14

LUDIMENTIS - Saturday, April 28th

Summer 2018 // April 22 - July 14
Semi Finals: 8/4
Finals: 8/11

Fall 2018 // August 19 - November 10
Semi Finals: 12/1
Finals: 12/8

Past Trivia League Winners

Congratulations to all of our teams who played in our past leagues!

Winter 2017

1. Tyrannosaurus Sex
2. 89.3 Trivia Tuesday
3. Tequila Mockingbird

Fall 2016

1. Dong of the Dead
2. Tyrannosaurus Sex
3. 89.3 Trivia Tuesday

Summer 2016

1. IllumiNATI
2. The Trivicorns
3. Friends United in Common Knowledge

Winter 2016

1. Tyrannosaurus Sex
2. Rehab is for Quitters
3 (tie). The Hateful Taint
3 (tie). 89.3 Trivia Tuesday

Fall 2015

1 89.3 Trivia Tuesday
2 Ronaissance Men
3 Mario Speedwagon

Summer 2015

1 Tyrannosaurus Sex
2 89.3 Trivia Tuesday
3 Men in Black

Winter 2015

1 89.3 Trivia Tuesday
2 Amanda Hugenkiss
3 The Oneders

Fall League 2014

Congratulations to the following teams for making it to the 2014 Fall Trivia League Finals: Mario Speedwagon, Galactic Federation of Light, Tyrannosaurus Sex, Tag Team, Never Surrender, Trivia Crushers, Jesus Palomino, Boss Squad, Oxymorons, Uniballers, You Lose Good Day Sir, Toto Recall, Hold for Big Fudge, Mickbastards, Amanda Hugenkiss, Sugar Heel, Porn on the Cob, Hello Pants, Seth and the Fat Men, The Confusements, The Norts, League of Lonely Lemmings, Red Hot Trivia Peppers, 89.3 Trivia Tuesday, Butt Soup, Tequila Mockingbird, The Bathroom Readers, Rubik's Pube, #TittyTuesday

Summer League 2014

Congratulations to the following teams for making it to the 2014 Summer Trivia League Finals: 89.3 Trivia Tuesday, BigMcLargeHuge, Church of the Fonz, Crusaders, Free Pretzels, Friends United in Common Knowledge, In the Bag, Messin with Sasquatch, Minortaur, Play Free Nerd!, Ronaissance Men, Shortnecrophiliacs, Smells Like Updog in Here, Space Monkeys Ep. 11, Sugarheel, Tequila Mockingbird, The Guild, Those Aren't Pillows, Trivia Newton John, and Tyrannosaurus Sex.

Winter League 2014

Congratulations to the following teams for making it to the 2014 Winter/Spring Trivia League Finals: 89.3 Trivia Tuesday, Big McLarge Huge, Bob Ross & the Joys of Painting, bythehymenofolivianewtonjohn, Chester Drawers, Don't Tell Me to Relax Pal, Dork Dynasty, Fractured Fairytales, P as in Phonics, Rock Paper Syphilis, Ronaissance Men, Senor Butthole, Seth & the Fat Men, Space Monkeys, Tarheel, Tequila Mockingbird, The Guild, Those Aren't Pillows, Tyrannosaurus Sex and We Got Jammed!

Congratulations to our Regular Season Champions: Those Aren't Pillows, winners of a $100 to Champions Grill (the venue of their choice!)

Congratulations to our Tournament Champions, winners of $1,800, and holders of the Champions' Cup: bythehymenofolivianewtonjohn
Congratulations to our Tournament Second Place team, winners of $600: Don't Tell Me to Relax, Pal!
Congratulations to our Tournament Third Place team, winners of a $50 TapHouse Grill gift card & Reds tickets: Senor Butthole

A big thank you to our Semifinals venues: BW3's Union Center & Longneck's Wilder
Thank you to TapHouse Grill for hosting our Finals!

Questions or feedback?

Email or call 1-844-BAR-TRIVIA